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Choose a Neutral With the Broadest Range of Professional Experience

Alternative dispute resolutions take many forms.  My goal is to provide a genuinely neutral environment that helps the parties take full advantage of the process in which they are engaged – while staying focused on the desired outcome.  Mediation is the most common choice.  One or more parties may however choose negotiation, conciliation, arbitration, mini-trials or summary jury trials.  The request may even be limited to a case evaluation for settlement purposes.

I have a broad range of professional experiences. Almost eighteen years in a general private litigation practice, representing private individuals, companies and governmental entities as plaintiffs and defendants in commercial, employment, regulatory and personal injury cases, was followed by almost eighteen years in serving as in-house counsel to one of  the largest companies in the world, much of which was in the role of litigation counsel in federal courts across the country. That was followed by a term of service as a general jurisdiction state trial judge over civil and felony criminal cases. This cumulative background has provided me with an extremely broad range of personal and professional experiences.  Fair and effective assessment of situations involving incomplete and conflicting factual patterns in a way that demonstrates a high degree of competence in conflict resolution is what I do.

- Jon Comstock

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