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Alternative dispute resolution is a well worn path for me.  My legal career started in 1976 when I graduated from the University of Tulsa, College of Law.  For almost eighteen years I conducted a general litigation practice that was shaped by mediation.  Whether advocating for plaintiffs in personal injury and employment cases or defending large corporate entities in complex commercial litigation, or retailers sued for premises liability or wrongful termination, or cities and police officers sued for asserted civil rights violations, I recognized early on that learning the skills of conflict resolution would enhance my ability to achieve a settlement that was a win/win for all parties.  I was fortunate to have clients who felt the same way. We mediated most disputes.  

For almost the next eighteen years of my legal career, I practiced in-house in one of the world’s largest corporations – much of it as lead litigation counsel in complex commercial litigation.  Again, my client saw the value in talking through the issue that divided them from a former business partner, with the help of a neutral party, well-trained in conflict resolution.

 About Jon Comstock

I followed this experience with a term of service as a general jurisdiction trial judge where I was often presented the opportunity to “decide” for the parties how their dispute should be settled.  One side wins, one side loses.  Having been the beneficiary of many successfully mediated cases in my previous career, I was confident these litigants had missed out on an opportunity that would have served them well. Now, I sit in the chair as mediator trained in conflict resolution.  My goal is to help parties navigate through the discord that divides them to a place where they can say “okay, let’s resolve this our way”.

You may review my full resume here [pdf] or review specific sections via links to the left.

- Jon Comstock

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